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Change password for zimbra account

1. Login into client area. 2.Select Hosting & Services. 3.Find zimbra service from services list and select details. 4.Select Account under Zimbra Email section. 5.From Email Accounts Management click on configuration icon and click on Change Password. 6.Fill the new passowrd and click Confirm.

Zimbra – Calendar

Calendar View The Work Week view is displayed by default. You can click the type of view on the Calendar toolbar to change your view for this session only. The views are as follows: Day: is one day’s activities. Work Week: displays Monday through Friday activities. Week: displays seven days of activities. You can Select […]

zimbra – Creating a Filter from the Mail Filters folder

1. Select the Preferences  > Filters page. 2. Choose Incoming Message Filter and Click New Filter . 3. Type the name for the rule into the Filter Name field. 4. In the If the following conditions are met area, choose a grouping preference. • Any means that if any of the conditions in the filter […]

Zimbra – Send Email Later

A user can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent. This feature is enabled by the administrator. Select the sending time that you want and […]

Zimbra – Setting Junk Mail Options

You can set up your mail preferences to identify specific addresses to block or not block in your mailbox. You can create a list of addresses that should not be added to your Inbox and addresses that always should be added to your Inbox, but could be detected as spam. The spam filter uses this […]

Zimbra – Setting a Forwarding Address

Note: Available only in Zimbra accounts. You can identify an email address to forward your messages to and choose to retain the message in your mailbox or automatically delete the message when forwarded. To forward your email 1. Use the Preferences > Mail page. Scroll down to the Receiving Messages section. 2. Type a complete […]

Zimbra – Create Auto Reply Message

This feature is also known as an out-of-office auto-reply message. • You can set an away message that automatically replies to people who send you messages when you are out of the office for an extended period of time. • The auto-reply message is sent to each recipient only once, regardless of how many messages […]

Zimbra – Create Signature

To create a signature: 1. Click the Preferences tab. 2. Click the Signatures tab. The Signatures tab appears. 3. Type an identifiable name in the Signature Name field. You can create multiple signatures, so using an identifiable name here is important. 4. Type the signature text exactly as you want it to appear in the […]