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How do I configure Outlook for my Zimbra account?

How do I configure Outlook for my Zimbra account? Introduction With the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Connector for Outlook (ZCO), you can use Microsoft Outlook to access the Email server and synchronize your email messages, tags, contacts including personal distribution lists, personal calendars, and tasks between Outlook and the Email server.   Download and Install Connector […]

How to create Zimbra account from client area ?

Login into client area. 2.Select Hosting & Services 3.Find zimbra service from services list and select details 4.Select manage Mailbox 5.From Manage mailbox page click “Add Mailbox”   6.Fill add mailbox form and click save, your account is ready now.   7.Under manage Email account you can check your mailbox click “Login to Webmail”  

Zimbra iPhone/iPod Touch Instructions

Zimbra iPhone/iPod Touch Instructions Syncing Zimbra to the iPhone/iPod Touch Warning: Make sure you have recently backed up your iPhone/iPod Touch though iTunes before setting up Zimbra. Failure to do so may result in data loss. To backup your data, open iTunes and right click your iPhone or iPod Touch and select backup. select backup. […]

Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for Android

Android-based smartphones natively sync email, contacts, and calendars to Zimbra accounts. The pre-requisites for configuring your mobile device include. Installation and Setup 1. On your Android Home screen, tap the Settings icon. 2. Select Accounts & sync. 3. Tap Add account. Note: After you have performed the installation process and your Zimbra account is installed, it will display on […]

First time setup / import from Outlook

If you already use Outlook and have email, calendar, contacts, or tasks that are important to you, then the next step is to import it into your currently empty Zimbra mailbox. Once imported, this will become the “master copy” for all your devices (outlook on desktop, laptop, iphone/android/blackberry all stay in sync) Zimbra pre-installation checklist It is […]

Zimbra Webmail Logging In

Logging In Open a browser window and enter the URL provided by welcome. In most cases, Advanced is the default client and is opened automatically when you log in. Before you enter your name and password, you can switch to the standard web client or to the mobile client. You can change the default from […]

Zimbra Desktop

You are looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook, then its a good opportunity to discover free Zimbra Desktop. This email client integrates all the features to manage your mails: POP or IMAP accounts. No limitations on mail storage. Works in Offline mode. Calendar, office document editor,… Download and installation You can download the […]

Zimbra Desktop – Working Offline

Working Offline Email messages that are downloaded from your accounts are always accessible in Zimbra Desktop, even when you are not connected to the Internet. Working in Zimbra Desktop when not connected to the Internet is called “working offline”. When you work offline, Zimbra Desktop cannot access your email accounts, but you can work in […]

Zimbra Keyboard shortcut keys

Shortcut keys can be used to navigate in the Zimbra Desktop. Go to your Preference>Shortcuts page to see the list of shortcut keys. To quickly see a list of shortcut keys, type Ctrl Q. You can also print the shortcut list.  

Navigating Zimbra Desktop

When you open Zimbra Desktop, you see a full screen view similar to the one shown below. The Zimbra Desktop main page includes the following areas: Search Bar Row. The Search and Advanced Search are displayed in this area. The account Setup and Help links are on the right. Application Tabs. The applications that you […]

Zimbra Desktop – User interface features and shortcuts

The interface includes many convenience features. Down-arrow menus. Some command buttons have a small down-arrow icon next to them. Clicking on the button performs one action, and clicking on the down-arrow icon displays additional menu choices.          Drag and drop. Click on and drag messages or conversations between folders. Right-click menus. Right-click on items such […]

Zimbra – Managing your email message view

You can view your email messages as single messages or as conversations and you can view messages with the Reading Pane off, displayed at the bottom, or displayed on the right. To change how messages are grouped in your mailbox, on the toolbar click View and select whether to view by conversation or by message […]

Zimbra – Adding new contacts

Adding new contacts You can add new contacts from the toolbar by clicking the arrow in the button, or by right-clicking a name in a message header and choosing Contacts. To create a contact, you can just add a name or you can add detailed information about your contacts, including multiple email addresses, phone numbers, […]

Zimbra – Creating group contact lists

The Contact Group List feature allows you to create contact lists that contain multiple mailing addresses.  When you select a group contact name, everyone whose address is included in the group list is automatically added to the address field of the message. To create contact group lists You can select addresses from your company directory […]

Zimbra – Editing contact information

To search for and open a contact form: Open your Address Book tab. The search field displays in:contacts. In the Search box, enter search criteria, such as a first or last name or group name. To search by email address, the complete address must be entered. First or last name must be a whole-word match. […]

zimbra – Importing Contacts

You can import contact lists and address books that are saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format. Import is available from your Import/Export Preferences You can import contact lists that are saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format. Go to Preferences>Import/Export. In the Import section File field, browse to locate the contact .csv […]

zimbra – Exporting address books

Your  contact lists are exported and saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format. Exporting Contact Lists Go to Preferences>Import/Export In Export, select the Type as Contacts Select the contact format to export the contact file as. Windows Live Contacts Outlook contacts Account contacts (this keeps the contact information in the same format is it […]

Zimbra – Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices (ZCS Network Edition only) If you have the Mobile feature enabled, the Mobile Device page is available from the Preferences tab. This page shows mobile devices you configured to sync with your ZWC account. From this page, you can sync from the server to your mobile device or suspend a sync. You can […]

Zimbra – Using Task List

Using Task Lists     Using Task Lists explains how to: • Create a new task list • Manage your tasks and task lists You can use your task lists to create and track the progress of a task. In addition, you can write notes within your task and attach files for easy access from […]

Zimbra – Working in Briefcase

Working in Briefcase     Working in Briefcase explains how to: • Create Briefcase folders • Upload any type of file to your Briefcase • Save attachments sent in email messages to your Briefcase • Work in files in Briefcase • Create new document pages Briefcase can be used to share and manage documents that […]

zimbra – sharing your account folders

Sharing Your Account Folders     Sharing Your Account Folders how to: • Share folders from your Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Documents notebooks, and Briefcase folders • Set up sharing with others • Cancel a shared folder • Accept a share invitation • Work in shared folder • Link to a shared folder You […]

Zimbra Desktop (MAC)

Zimbra Desktop is an offline client that lets you manage multiple email accounts – including your zPersonal/zBusiness account email, contacts, calendar and documents in one easy to manage desktop client. Your Zimbra account, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange and any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set […]

Zimbra Desktop (Windows)

Zimbra Desktop is an offline client that lets you manage multiple email accounts – including your zPersonal/zBusiness account email, contacts, calendar and documents in one easy to manage desktop client. Your Zimbra account, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange and any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set […]

Setting Email and SMS Reminder Notification Zimbra Service

Setting Email and SMS Reminder Notification You can set up to have appointment and task reminders sent to you through email and as a text message to your mobile device.  The reminder is sent according to the Reminder time that is configured in the task or appointment. Reminder notification is set up in the Preferences>Notification […]

Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync

When the Zimbra Connector for Apple® iSync is installed, you can use Apple Address Book, iCal, and Microsoft® Entourage® to access the Zimbra Collaboration Suite server and synchronize data to and from the Mac. Note: Calendar syncing integration with Entourage is only supported for OS X 10.4. Calendar syncing integration on OS X 10.5 or […]

Zimbra – Set Automatic Bcc

One purpose of Outgoing Mail Filters feature in Zimbra Web Interface is to make the sent emails to be send automatically to the addresses you specify as Bcc recipient. For example, when you send an email to, it will send automatically the same email to To create automatic Bcc recipient, please follow the […]

Zimbra – Create Signature

To create a signature: 1. Click the Preferences tab. 2. Click the Signatures tab. The Signatures tab appears. 3. Type an identifiable name in the Signature Name field. You can create multiple signatures, so using an identifiable name here is important. 4. Type the signature text exactly as you want it to appear in the […]

Zimbra – Create Auto Reply Message

This feature is also known as an out-of-office auto-reply message. • You can set an away message that automatically replies to people who send you messages when you are out of the office for an extended period of time. • The auto-reply message is sent to each recipient only once, regardless of how many messages […]

Zimbra – Setting a Forwarding Address

Note: Available only in Zimbra accounts. You can identify an email address to forward your messages to and choose to retain the message in your mailbox or automatically delete the message when forwarded. To forward your email 1. Use the Preferences > Mail page. Scroll down to the Receiving Messages section. 2. Type a complete […]

Zimbra – Setting Junk Mail Options

You can set up your mail preferences to identify specific addresses to block or not block in your mailbox. You can create a list of addresses that should not be added to your Inbox and addresses that always should be added to your Inbox, but could be detected as spam. The spam filter uses this […]

Zimbra – Send Email Later

A user can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent. This feature is enabled by the administrator. Select the sending time that you want and […]

zimbra – Creating a Filter from the Mail Filters folder

1. Select the Preferences  > Filters page. 2. Choose Incoming Message Filter and Click New Filter . 3. Type the name for the rule into the Filter Name field. 4. In the If the following conditions are met area, choose a grouping preference. • Any means that if any of the conditions in the filter […]

Zimbra – Calendar

Calendar View The Work Week view is displayed by default. You can click the type of view on the Calendar toolbar to change your view for this session only. The views are as follows: Day: is one day’s activities. Work Week: displays Monday through Friday activities. Week: displays seven days of activities. You can Select […]

Change password for zimbra account

1. Login into client area. 2.Select Hosting & Services. 3.Find zimbra service from services list and select details. 4.Select Account under Zimbra Email section. 5.From Email Accounts Management click on configuration icon and click on Change Password. 6.Fill the new passowrd and click Confirm.