Libyan Spider partnership with Sucuri

Libyan Spider LTD partnership with Sucuri Inc and expands its services adding advanced sites protect security service.

Libyan Spider expands its services advanced website security protection and protection from malware by the partnership with leading protection web services Sucuri.

Firewall for web applications Sucuri WAF service works by filtering hack attempts and malware before they reach your site. Firewall works using modern technology allows protection of new gaps entirely through the use of artificial intelligence automatic learning to identify the footprint of electronic attacks even the unknown ones. Sucuri also provides steam specialists protection sites includes their updated rules protection around the clock. Also, engine protection from Sucuri scans your files continually searching for any viruses or malicious software and stop and then alert you to these risks.

One most problem experienced by site managers need to keep pace out by security updates popular software such as WordPress, Joomla which are often too close serious security gaps. Sucuri is featuring Virtual Patching technology which allows you to protect you from such modern vulnerability as they arise.

“We excited to partner with Sucuri and their abilities well another tool effective and easy use to help customers web hosting on the Internet to eliminate the inconvenience malware, viruses and protect their websites from bad guys” Mohamed Ayad director development at Libyan Spider company.

You can get this Service through Libyan Spider and by activating security protection advanced WAF through customer area, more service, please visit this link

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