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Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting
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Mohamed Ayad
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Our new Dedicated Exchange Hosting Plan is designed to provide quick and easy management and integration into your Business. We ensure your business is secured and supported at all times, so you can focus on staying productive.

Why Exchange 2010/2013?

  • Anywhere Access of email through Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and mobile devices (ActiveSync).
  • HTTPS, MAPI, POP3, HTTPS, and IMAP are all available email protocols to ensure safe and secure email retrieval using the method of your choice
  • Shared Contacts allow team members to share important customer/partner contact information.
  • Shared calendars make it possible to see when team members are available for meetings.
  • Task management allows you to create, assign and delegate tasks among your team contact US Link.
  • Enhanced touch & usability in Outlook Web Apps.
  • Global view of contacts from multiple locations (Exchange, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Multitasking emails with integrated apps in Outlook like Bing Maps suggested appointments and action items.
  • Fully-tested, fully-loaded Exchange 2013
  • Intuitive control panel for an easy account and user management.

Why Dedicated Exchange Hosting?

  • Offering customers the security, flexibility, and support needed without the responsibility of administration and support of the infrastructure
  • Customers have full control of Exchange.
  • Full configuration setting and features.
  • Security/uptime.
  • Integration with Active Directory and other systems (Sharepoint/CRM etc) and Outlook plug-ins.
  • Licenses and support for Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013.
  • Backup/Restore.
  • Premium Anti Spam protection.
  • The unlimited number of email addresses.
  • Large disk space per mailbox.

More About Dedicated Exchange Hosting with LibyanSpider LLC, please visit our website


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