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The Death of SquirrelMail

“As of cPanel & WHM version 74, we will begin to deprecate our support of SquirrelMail, one of our bundled webmail applications. We expect to stop shipping SquirrelMail for new installations of cPanel & WHM in version 76 and will remove our support with version 78. As this change will disrupt many users, we are taking this opportunity to explain the reasons behind our decision. We also are opening a dialogue with you, our community, about our next steps.”

Mohamed Ayad

Libyan Spider expands from the web to the cloud

TRIPOLI, LIBYA – October 10, 2014 – Libyan Spider, LTD, the leading web hosting company in Libya, has launched a range of new cloud hosting services available now to businesses in Libya and abroad. Libyan Spider’s new cloud runs on OnApp, the leading software platform for public, private and hybrid cloud services. The company now offers flexible cloud hosting packages with full redundancy, scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing for websites and applications, with prices starting at 125 LYD per month.

Mohamed Ayad