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Libyan Spider expands from the web to the cloud
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Mohamed Ayad
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Builds new cloud on OnApp to provide local businesses with world-class cloud hosting

The Libyan Spider cloud aims to attract local businesses that are not well-served by global cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft, as well as provide a way for enterprise clients to migrate from traditional dedicated servers to the cloud. Libyan Spider’s cloud aims to help these businesses maintain the high performance for their applications while providing significant improvements in flexibility and redundancy, with the ability to scale easily as they grow their business.
Mohamed Ayad, Business Development Manager at Libyan Spider, said: “We wanted to build our new cloud services on the best possible technology. OnApp was the obvious choice because it delivers everything that we need, and everything our customers need, and it’s very easy to use. With our new cloud service, we hope to provide a more flexible, more cost-effective, and easier-to-use alternative to ‘global’ cloud providers, with full support from our team of cloud experts here in Libya.”

Andy Perrin, OnApp’s Director of Business and Channel Development, said: “Our mission at OnApp is to make it easy for every hosting provider to create public and private cloud services that are tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals in their local market. Working with a local cloud provider is usually much more beneficial for local customers, compared to using a ‘global’ cloud service, because you get technical expertise and local language support from people who understand your market – and when your cloud is built on OnApp, you can still get access to truly global scale. It’s great to see the launch of Libyan Spider’s new cloud services, and the new range of hosting options available to Libyan businesses, with all of the flexibility, scale, and redundancy you get with the cloud.”

About Libyan Spider, LTD
Founded in 2002, Libyan Spider helps organizations of all sizes to successfully do business online, by providing the latest and most robust technologies in web hosting delivering them to customers with optimum support and flexible customization. Libyan Spider now offers a wide range of domain registration, web development, design, and hosting services. Libyan Spider is headquartered in Tripoli and is now expanding into all major cities in Libya. For more information, please visit the Libyan Spider website


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