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Libyan Spider: 20 years of striving for success
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Reda Aljahmi
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On July 14, Libyan Spider celebrated its 20th anniversary. Twenty years have passed, full of challenges and obstacles, and multiple experiences, right and wrong, from which we learned a great deal in these years, and still learning to this day.
Years full of achievements with local and international partnerships, full of hard work and endless passion for learning and development – the passion that has been the fuel of our torch throughout these years, and which pushed us forward from our first steps until today to become one of the pioneers in the field of information technology and digital transformation in Libya.

On this occasion, we all in Libyan Spider celebrate this anniversary,  which represents our early beginnings in our continuous work journey until today throughout the past 20 years. We celebrate with our distinguished team members, with our partners in success, and with you – our loyal customers, whose trust we are proud of and work hard to maintain over the years.

In this post, we review a small part of this journey with you, and some of the most important milestones and stages that we have gone through in our continuous journey towards progress.

Small Beginnings, Big Dreams

Libyan Spider first office
(Mr. Hadi Nasr, Founder and General Manager of Libyan Spider Company, at his first office in 2002)

“Here is where Libyan Spider started in 2002” says Mr. Hadi Nasr, describing this photo of the first office in the company's history.

Spider's first steps, in the journey of a thousand miles

Newspaper ad for Libyan Spider
(Old advertisement in a local newspaper – Photo from the archive of Mr. Sadig Salem Shwihdi)

The Libyan Spider Company started simply as a local company that provides web hosting and domain name registration services in addition to web design, to make its way to leadership later on.

The first official partner of the cybersecurity giant “Kaspersky” in Libya

Libyan Spider Kaspersky
(A photo of Mr. Hadi Nasr on the far right of the photo, followed on the left by Mr. Eugene Kaspersky, founder of Kaspersky – 2008)

In a precedent that is the first of its kind locally, the Libyan Spider Company was able to be the first official partner in Libya for Kaspersky, which is well known in the field of cybersecurity, after direct and fruitful communication between the two companies to provide Kaspersky products and solutions legally from its official source in the country. This partnership represents one of our largest successful global partnerships that has been going on since 2008 to the present day.

We faced challenges.. to come back stronger

In light of the turbulent conditions of the country in the events of the 2011 revolution, Libyan spider servers were shut down by the main foreign supplier on March 31, 2011. This confused the company's work and affected the customer service process significantly. After discussion and conflict with the provider through multiple correspondence and dialogues, despite the difficult circumstances at the time, and with the intervention of a large number of our customers around the world to put pressure on the supplier, Libyan Spider Company managed to restore its services back to work again normally within only 3 days. The incident was later documented in the American business news website Business Insider.

The Spider’s web growth, and moving towards the cloud 

Libyan Spider Wall
(A picture of the old company headquarters, also showing the Libyan Spider Wall, which carried many loving testimonies from our valued customers)

By 2012, about 80% of all of our business was done in the cloud, making us one of the first local cloud adopters and providers.
After that, the next few years witnessed a great development in the scope of technical services provided with complete professionalism, which earned us the trust of many customers locally as well as globally – everyone passed through here! And we were glad to serve them.

Libyan Spider as an official partner of Google

Libyan Spider Google
Libyan Spider as an official partner of Google

In early 2015, Libyan Spider became an official Google Cloud Partner, to provide Google Cloud Services for business, Google Workspace, with full technical support.

New HQ, renewed global partnerships, and a comprehensive cloud transformation

new HQ construction Libyan Spider
(Photo for the preparation and construction works for the new headquarters in 2017)

By 2017, we started working on constructing and preparing the new company headquarters, the largest and most modern headquarters of the company to this day.

Libyan Spider HQ
(Picture of the new headquarters after completion – 2018)

And we moved to the headquarters in 2018, to be another renewed start and a great milestone during our journey.

Libyan Spider Team
(New home, for a bigger family. Group photo of the Libyan spider team in the new headquarters)

Libyan Spider – an official service provider of Microsoft services in Libya

Libyan Spider Microsoft
Libyan Spider – an official service provider of Microsoft services in Libya

At the end of 2018, we partnered with Microsoft as an official Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), to provide many Microsoft services, including Azure and Microsoft 365, in addition to providing consultancy and continuous technical support.

The years followed, and so did more services and international partnerships:

Libyan Spider launches JPaaS in partnership with Jelastic

Libyan Spider Jelastic
Libyan Spider launches JPaaS in partnership with Jelastic

The year 2020 witnessed our contract with Jelastic and the launch of the JPaaS cloud platform to develop applications in the data centers of the Libyan Spider Company.

Libyan Spider as the official partner of Acronis

Libyan Spider Acronis
Libyan Spider as the official partner of Acronis

In early 2021, Libyan Spider became an official partner with the world famous company Acronis for advanced backup services and cloud disaster recovery.

The first Kaspersky authorized training center in Libya

Kaspersky Training
(Photo of the trainees in one of the courses held at the Libyan Spider Training Center)

By 2021, the Libyan Spider Center was accredited as the first training center accredited by Kaspersky Lab in Libya, to provide professional training courses in security systems based on Kaspersky solutions for the business sector, and accredited certificates to the trainees from Kaspersky.

2022 – The journey is not over yet!

Today, with more than 150,000 users worldwide, more than 25,000 customers, and 70 local distributors for our services, we can feel proud to have kept our customers' trust over the past years. Which drives our passion – our ever-lasting fuel – more and more for more progress year after year, as development is the only constant in the Libyan spider algorithm.

LS Cloud “IaaS”, new website.. And more to come!

During the first quarter of 2022, we managed to launch the LS Cloud service to provide IaaS in local data centers, followed by the launch of our all-new website in June 2022, and the journey is not over yet! This is just one of our constantly renewed beginnings, and we’re just getting started.

Special thanks to everyone who was part of our journey

In conclusion, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who was part of this journey, our unique and loyal team members who are working with us now or have worked with us in the past, as well as our partners in success locally and globally, our valued customers, and everyone who had a role in this amazing journey.


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